[Merseburg] Demo am 5.12.

Call for demonstration on the 5th of december (1pm) at  train station Merseburg.

We, the group of café internationale and friends, need your support.

We want to protest together against the racism of the authorities and society, especially in Sallekreis. The effects get a old quality again. Since August of this year, the responsible try to force people (in DULDUNG) to bring their passports, with the aim in order to be able to deport them, by means of withdrawal and replacement with food coupons.

The authorities in Germany follow the idea of deporting people as much as they can, and for that they are prepared to leave behind every regular and not least moral foundation of democratic coexistence. The area of Saalekreis is on the top in Sachsen-Anhalt.

The last few months are testimony to a procedure on the part of the foreigners authority, from which all those who hear it can not believe that such a thing really happens. But they happen. And who knows what they are still planning, what they are still capable of.

We don’t want to know it! It needs to stop (before)! And we will fight for the end of this institutional racism! We want to go on the streets for a solidarity society and for equal rights for all! To create a new idea of  living together, the permanently threat needs to end, so we can think and discuss about the next steps together and without fear.

Join the demonstration, join the movement, join the idea!
We are looking forward to see you and your friends on the street and beyond.

Hard facts:
What? Demonstration against food coupons, work ban and deportations!
When? 5th December 1pm
Where? Merseburg Bhf (Train station)

Meeting point in Halle: 12 a.m. Trainstation/Hauptbahnhof

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